Adoption Protection Act Resource Center

The Adoption Protection Act was originally introduced in Kansas in the form of HB 2687 and SB 401. After it ventured through various parliamentary paths, it was finally adopted by both chambers in the form of a compromise bill, HB 284.

There are many great resources available on this important effort, including testimony, editorials, and news items that make the case as to why it was so important Kansas adopted this legislation. We hope that this site will be a great resource for you, and we encourage you to share it with your friends.



HB 284

Important Informational Website

Proponent Testimony
Kansas Truth Caucus
Rep. Susan Humphries
Eric Teetsel, Executive Director of the Kansas Family Policy Alliance
Austin K. Vincent, Attorney

Gina Meier-Hummel, Secretary of Department of Children and Families

Concerned Women for America of Kansas

Kansas Catholic Conference

Gina DeCoursey, private citizen
Phillips Cosby, American Family Association of Kansas & Missouri

Devin Penny, private citizen
Melissa Penny, private citizen
Joint Letter from Kansas Pastors

Troy Cumings, Bethany Christian Services Board Member

MIchelle Martin, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Salina
Deborah J. Snapp, Executive Director of Catholic Charities for Southwest Kansas

Juila Samaniego, Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist & Founder, Circle of Love

Steven Roach, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Springfield, IL
Christian Family Services

Julian Thomas, Executive Director of St. Nick Adoptions

Kenneth Williams, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas

Andrew Uhlschmidt, Director of Foster & Adoption Program at a Child Placement Agency

ACLU's bigoted purge of faith-based adoption agencies

Oklahoma needs more, not fewer agencies helping children  (An article from Oklahoma)

In War Against Faith-Based Adoption Agencies, Children Lose

The Left's Assault on Adoption.

Judge Kevin Smith: Controversial adoption bills would increase foster placements

My adoption agency saved me   (An article from Michigan)

Supportive Organizations
Family Policy Alliance of Kansas

Kansas Catholic Conference
Catholic Charities



SB 284:



Signed Into Law by Governor
 Jeff Colyer on May 18, 2018!

(Contains Adoption Protection Act)