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Kansas Truth Caucus Commends Senate for Sustaining Governor's Veto

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Truth Caucus issued a statement in support of the Kansas Senate’s decision to sustain the veto of HB 2178 by Governor Sam Brownback. “The Kansas taxpayers were given a small victory today, as the Kansas Senate sustained the Governor’s veto of the largest tax increase in state history. We commend those courageous Senators who were willing to stand up and fight for Kansas families who are already struggling to make ends meet.” Truth Caucus member, Senator Ty Masterson, said, “We should not be raising taxes on hard-working Kansans when we have not even looked at the other side of the ledger. It is irresponsible to go back to the people of Kansas for more of their hard-earned money, money they need to balance their own budgets and feed their families, when government has not yet done the work of reducing its own spending.” Masterson continued, “I hear the proponents of this massive tax hike talk about what is good for Kansas, but I wonder if they even know who Kansas really is? Kansas is not the government. Kansas is our neighbors and our friends, and it is our responsibility to make sure that an out of touch government doesn’t continue to demand more and more of their money.” The Truth Caucus also commends the Representatives in the House for their work to protect Kansas taxpayers. Representative Chuck Weber said, “This massive tax hike is too much, too soon and it will harm Kansas families who are already facing tremendous headwinds to make their budgets at home work. We can do better.”

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