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Sen. Suellentrop: Senate Leadership Engage in Political Gamesmanship

The following was released by Sen. Gene Suellentrop: SENATE LEADERSHIP ENGAGE IN POLITICAL GAMESMENSHIP TOPEKA, KANSAS – Senator Gene Suellentrop, R-Sedgwick, released the following statement in regard to the Senate debate of SB 175:

“Yesterday, the public witnessed a disgraceful display of political gamesmanship by Senate President Susan Wagle, in an effort solely designed to discredit the Governor. These purely political games are an utter waste of Senate’s time, when the body should be focused on finding solutions.

“It seems Senator Wagle is more concerned with scoring cheap political points by forcing a debate to push her pre-determined narrative and sending out a press release to deflect from her lack of leadership, than she is in finding solutions to the problems facing our state.

“It takes two to tango, and Senator Wagle is clearly the one who is stepping on toes in this dance. Senator Wagle has elevated herself to be over 51% of the problem. She has, unfortunately, decided that political games are more important than working together for the people of Kansas.

“It is time for showmanship and petty political fighting to end.

“We’ve reached the midpoint of the 2017 session, and yet we have little to show for it. The citizens and taxpayers of the state of Kansas deserve better. Senator Wagle and the full attention of the Senate should be focused on passing a sustainable and streamlined budget, a K-12 education funding solution and a reasonable tax plan that does not increase taxes on hard-working Kansans without justification and extreme prudence.

“I urge all of my Republican colleagues in the Senate and the House to call on Senator Wagle to work with the Governor to develop a Republican solution on both a budget bill and a tax plan.

“We came to Topeka to solve the critical problems facing our state. Senator Wagle needs to show leadership and rise above the petty political fights. Let’s work together toward a commonsense solution that benefits all the citizens of Kansas.”

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