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Masterson: Kelly Should Follow District Court Ruling

April 20, 2020

Senator Ty Masterson, Chairman of the Kansas Truth Caucus, issued the following statement in response to Governor Kelly’s intention to enforce the now...

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Chief Justice Nuss Mistakes Signers of the Declaration of Independence

March 18, 2017

TOPEKA: The Kansas Truth Caucus released the following statement today regarding the remarks of Chief Justice Lawton Nuss given during a joint session of the Kansas House and Senate.


“The devils are in the details,” is a familiar adage used to simply say that details are important. At least, they should be important, especially if you are the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court.


"Chief Justice Lawton Nuss, in his State of the Judiciary address on March 15th to a joint session of the Kansas House and Senate made reference to one of our nation’s founders, George Washington. Unfortunately, as evidenced by Justice Nuss’ court being overturned six times by the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Nuss oftentimes has difficulties with the details.


"In his remarks, as printed in the House Journal, Justice Nuss referred to George Washington as a “signer of the Declaration of Independence.” Though it may come as a surprise to the Chief Justice, George Washington did not, in fact, sign the Declaration of Independence. If Justice Nuss had taken the time to check his details, he would have discovered that in July of 1776 while the Declaration was being signed, Washington was in New York preparing his troops to face the British.


"It should give the citizens of Kansas pause that the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court is not only unfamiliar with one of the preeminent documents in our nation’s history, but is also careless enough to expose this while lecturing the Legislature on the importance of the judicial branch.


"Justice Nuss also referred to President Washington stating, “a man who refused to serve more than two terms as president because he was concerned about abuse of power.” It is worth noting that in November of 2016, Justice Nuss ran for his third, six-year term as a Kansas Supreme Court Justice. Nuss was appointed by Governor Bill Graves in 2002 and has stood for retention in 2004, 2010 and 2016."


National Archives Signers of the Declaration of Independence:




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