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Truth Caucus Advisory on Taxes: Current Proposals Will Cripple The Kansas Economy

The Kansas Truth Caucus issued the following statement regarding the ongoing process regarding tax policy in the legislature:

“It has been clear since before the legislative session began that left-wing legislators in both parties were determined to pass a large tax increase on the backs of Kansas families and small businesses. To this coalition, this debate was never about simply balancing the budget and tax fairness – it has always been about growing government into a liberal utopia, using other peoples money to pay for whatever they want. The question was not if they would raise taxes, but how high.

“Their first attempt to pass a tax hike occurred in February, when they passed a retroactive tax increase on the backs of middle income families and small businesses. That effort was foiled by a veto that was sustained by the Senate.

“This week, they have been attempting to do so again, repeatedly jamming tax increases inside unamendable conference committee reports, in hopes of an up or down vote. Each time, they claim that a vote will be held, only to pull back at the last minute. The reason for the delay is their coalition is divided on how high they think they can increase taxes. So, each time yet another proposal emerges, it is actually worse than the last, all because the most liberal faction wants even higher taxes than before, with one liberal Senator even calling a $1 billion tax increase ‘half-assed.'

“The consistent theme through all of these proposals is that they would cripple the Kansas economy by penalizing businesses and hiking taxes on all Kansans. A $1 billion, retroactive tax increase will crush our economy and send a signal that Kansas is closing for business and is not an affordable place to build a life. It sends a signal that Kansas will increase taxes on businesses property, income, sales, or even utility bills – whatever it takes to grow government.

“The Kansas Truth Caucus is working with our colleagues to put an end to this massive escalation of taxes and get back to what the people expect - a balanced budget that meets our constitutional requirements to fund core services with minimal impact to the people of Kansas.”

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