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Truth Caucus Leaders Reaffirm Stance for Balanced Budget Without Tax Increases

Topeka, KS – Sen. Ty Masterson and Rep. Chuck Weber, leaders of the Kansas Truth Caucus, today released the following statement reaffirming their stance in favor of the Republican Balanced Budget Solution that holds the line on spending and against a massive new tax increase that is unnecessary. “As we have proven with the Republican Balanced Budget Solution, we can balance the state budget, fully fund all KPERS delayed payments, protect our core functions of government and even the critical Children’s Initiative Fund (CIF) programs all without increasing taxes on hard-working Kansas families. This false narrative that the budget requires a tax increase is just not the case. The reality is that government spending has increased by 145% since 1992 - $1.9 billion above the rate of inflation during that same period. This year the Senate Ways and Means Committee piled on additional new spending, tens of millions over the governor’s recommendation. “All we really need to do to balance the budget is control the growth of government by eliminating new and unnecessary spending and utilize a sound investment strategy, that 18 other states have also used, to fund all the deferred pension fund payments and save the state $154 million over the long-term. We can pass a balanced budget and protect Kansas families, who are already struggling to make ends meet, from a massive retroactive tax increase. “As recent polls have shown, from left-leaning Docking Institute to the right-leaning Kansas Chamber, Kansans do not want their taxes raised, particularly not for new and increased spending. In both polls, roughly 75% of Kansans want spending cuts as part of the budget solution. “The time has come for government to work as it was intended - for the people. Balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class for increased government spending is wrong. Let's pass the Republican Balanced Budget Solution and protect the hard-working Kansas families who depend on us.”

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