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Kansas Truth Caucus Denounces Kansas Supreme Court Ruling on Identity Theft

The Kansas Truth Caucus issued a statement today denouncing the recent ruling of the Kansas Supreme Court in an identity theft case, which held that Kansas law enforcement authorities cannot prosecute illegal aliens of most forms of identity theft. The case, Kansas v Ramiro Garcia, can be viewed by clicking here.

“We concur with the dissents of Justice Biles and Justice Stegall, who explain this extreme ruling essentially prohibits state prosecution of identity theft when the identity information is also on a federal immigration document. Such an irrational interpretation essentially provides carte blanche permission for illegal immigrants to steal identities in Kansas without fear of prosecution.

This is not the first time this Kansas Supreme Court has demonstrated an uncanny ability to get it wrong, and the ruling clearly demonstrates the extreme ideological nature of at least five of the justices on the Kansas Supreme Court. We applaud Attorney General Derek Schmidt for appealing the decision to the United States Supreme Court.

In the recent past, the Kansas Supreme Court has drawn stinging rebuke from the US Supreme Court for its inability to properly interpret the law. This is another example of incompetence and it is why there is a critical need for judicial selection reform that can bring back common sense and accountability to the third branch of government."

#identitytheft #KansasSupremeCourt

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