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Kansas Truth Caucus Responds to Newest Gannon Ruling

"The Kansas Supreme Court today issued another "long-awaited" ruling in the never-ending Gannon school finance case. This decision, which is as unsurprising as it is absurd, ensures that our schools and our state will remain in litigation indefinitely.

This newest missive from the often-overturned Court is simply the latest installment in the "rinse and repeat" rulings we have come to expect for over a quarter-century: the Court declares the formula unconstitutional and the Legislature responds by throwing more money into the formula, trying to satisfy the justices, which appears to be a desired pie-in-the-sky funding level. The Court then rules the newly-increased, record-high amount of funding is still not enough. Rinse & Repeat. The funding level for education continues to rise, and Kansas taxpayers continue to be left with a demand for more of their money without the accountability of an election.

The Kansas Legislature must act in the taxpayers' interest and stand up for our constitutional separation of powers. The five justices in the Gannon case are not "super legislators" - the Kansas Supreme Court has no right to take away the rights of the people to determine how they want their money spent. If the Legislature refuses to protect its citizens, the Court will continue to legislate from the bench and will continue to erode the liberty of Kansas citizens."

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