Kansas Truth Caucus: Kansas Supreme Court Should Respect Life and the Vote of the Legislature

The Kansas Truth Caucus releases the following statement regarding the Live Dismemberment Abortion case (Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt) currently before the Kansas Supreme Court:

"Each day on average in Kansas, two babies die from an abortion method referred to as "live dismemberment." In this type of abortion, the baby is pulled apart by an abortion provider, twisting and pulling off the limbs of the unborn child, who then bleeds to death in his or her mother's womb. In an overwhelming and bi-partisan vote, the State Legislature banned this method of abortion in 2015, but abortion providers and their advocates quickly challenged the law in court, and this cruel and barbaric practice has been allowed to continue. There is now some indication there may be action by the Kansas Supreme Court on this case soon.

The Truth Caucus demands the will of the people be recognized and accepted. The Kansas Supreme Court must put these cruel and barbaric live dismemberment abortions to an end by allowing this law to take effect. The Truth Caucus stands for the defense of the sanctity of life and the primacy of family values, as these are essential for any society to remain free, stable, grow in peace, and remain One Nation under God."

#abortion #KansasSupremeCourt #dismembermentabortion

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