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Kansas Truth Caucus on School Finance: Keep Schools Open and Put Students First

The Kansas Truth Caucus, a coalition of conservative legislators from both the House and Senate, released the following statement to the Special Committee on Comprehensive Response to School Finance Decision:

“For over 25 years, the cycle of litigation has conveyed uncertainty to our schools, our teachers, our families, and most of all, Kansas students. As the Special Committee meets, we encourage our colleagues to remain firm on the principles that the law must be followed and that students must come first.

According to K.S.A. 60-2106(D), the Kansas Supreme Court cannot close schools. If the Supreme Court simply follows this unambiguous statute, they will refrain from any remedy that denies the children of Kansas from receiving an education. We call upon our colleagues in the legislative and executive branches to join with us in assuring Kansans that schools will always remain open in accordance with this law.

In addition, any action the Legislature takes this session must be focused on students to ensure they have the ability to meet grade-level requirements. For the good of the student and their families, we must prioritize how taxpayer funds are allocated for education."

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