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Truth Caucus Expresses Alarm at School Finance Proposal

The Kansas Truth Caucus released the following statement in reaction to the State of the State Address by Governor Brownback:

"We appreciated hearing from Governor Brownback at his State of the State address to the Legislature. First, we affirm his commitment to protecting a culture of life the last seven years, and the 17,000 less abortions that have occurred the past six years as a result of the pro-life laws we worked together to enact. We must be vigilant in protecting innocent human life and we agree with the governor that this new growth in the culture of life in Kansas must not be destroyed.

“Secondly, regarding his newest school finance proposal, we are very alarmed at the $600 million requested over five years, which has a cumulative impact of $2 billion in new spending that the taxpayers would be on the hook for. It stands in sharp contrast to the governor’s statement that simply spending more money does not produce better results among students.

“Too often, school finance debates in Kansas revolve around a dollar figure and not around the principles of accountability, sustainability, and opportunity, particularly for those students who are not performing up to standards. Outcomes matter.

“Finally, it is important to remember that it is the Kansas taxpayer who pays the bills. It has only been a few months since the Legislature passed a massive, $1.2 billion retroactive tax increase on the backs of Kansas families, largely to pay for an increase in government spending. We stand against proposals which further add to the spending burden or blow a hole in the budget.”

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