Truth Caucus Expresses Opposition to Increase in Property Taxes

Topeka, KS – On Tuesday, March 6th, the House Taxation Committee held a hearing on HB 2740, a bill which would increase the statewide property tax levy for K-12 education. Under the bill, the statewide mill levy, which is currently at 20.00 mills, would increase in stages – to 26.76 mills in school year 2018-19, to 32.82 mills in school year 2019-20, and eventually increase to 38.43 mills in school year 2020-21.

In response to this proposal, the Kansas Truth Caucus issued the following statement expressing its strong opposition to any increase in statewide property taxes:

“Last year, Kansans were forced to accept a massive $1.2 billion retroactive tax increase, even affecting those with low incomes. On top of that, many Kansans are facing higher property taxes because of a controversial valuation process. To further burden hard-working taxpayers of Kansas by sharply hiking the statewide mill levy is unacceptable. Just as the Kansas Truth Caucus opposed the tax increase last year, we stand in firm opposition to proposals such as HB 2740."

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