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Truth Caucus: It's Time to Stand for Local Control

Topeka -- Today, the Kansas House adopted HB 2757, which repeals the common sense reforms that the Kansas House enacted in 2014 that enhanced local control by providing local school boards the authority to negotiate due process for teachers. HB 2757 reverses that, usurping local control and creating a statewide mandate on an issue best left up to school districts.

Several House members gave an Explanation of Vote that echoes the view of the Kansas Truth Caucus:

“Mr. Speaker, we vote No on HB 2757. Local control should be more than a campaign slogan we all use on our campaign postcards. If we truly believe in it, we should stand by it – not make exceptions when special interest unions declare they want a state mandate. HB 2757 undermines local control by involving the state in an area that belongs with local school boards that are duly elected by local citizens for the very purpose of deciding these policy questions. We believe in and stand with our quality teachers and against this infringement on local school districts."

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