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Kansas Truth Caucus Issues Priorities on School Finance: Don’t Burden Taxpayers, Focus on Children,

Topeka, KS – On Saturday, the Kansas Truth Caucus issued the following statement relative to the ongoing debate and discussion on school finance:

“Over the past several days, there have been two votes and ongoing negotiations and debate about how the Kansas Legislature should respond to the Kansas Supreme Court relative to school finance. Given that just last year, the Kansas Legislature provided a substantial boost in K-12 spending via SB 19, the level of present school funding is certainly more than adequate from the point of view of most of our members.

“Accordingly, as we review various proposals before us, the votes we cast are with three primary goals in mind:

  • One, we aim to keep the amount of any new K-12 spending in the ultimate school finance plan below levels that would require any additional future burden to taxpayers;

  • Two, we strongly support forwarding a Constitutional Amendment to the people of Kansas so they can decide what the proper balance is between their 165 elected legislators and seven unaccountable judges;

  • Three, we strongly support adding policy that enhances a child-focused approach to education, including directing more money to the classroom, providing accountability measures so all Kansas students can flourish, and retaining and expanding educational freedom.

“While each legislator must cast their vote in accordance with their own conscience, proposals that move closer to these three goals are more likely to earn the support of our members. Proposals that drift away from these key priorities will not earn our votes.”

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