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Kansas Truth Caucus: SB 61 Subverts Process, Fixes Nothing

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Truth Caucus issued the following statement opposing SB 61, the school finance “fix” that was advanced b the House Appropriations Committee late Friday night:

"We stand in strong opposition to SB 61. This bill is anything but a fix. A fix implies a mere technical correction of an unintentional error in drafting. Instead, proponents of SB 61 have undermined the integrity of the process by attempting to pass off a complete reversal of clear legislative intent in SB 423, passed less than one month ago by this very legislature, as a 'fix.' In a year where we talk about transparency, it is our duty to ensure the voice of the citizens of Kansas are heard, not participate in a political power play that rushes a flawed bill through, hoping no one will notice."

Senator Ty Masterson, Chairman of the Kansas Truth Caucus said, “These shell game tactics compromise the credibility of the institution and have no place in the Kansas Legislature. If it is the intention of the proponents to change the underlying policy of the school finance law passed by the Legislature, then call it what it is – a complete gut of the LOB provision included in SB 423 that happens to also add in the $80 million that was inadvertently omitted originally."

Masterson continued, “the House Appropriations Committee inserted the contents into a Senate bill, which presumably is to push through a motion to concur on the Senate side. This would remove the Senate’s ability to offer amendments to the bill, and is the exact same tactic used to ram the flawed bill through the process earlier this month. The Senate should have the opportunity to fully debate SB 61, offer amendments and “fix the fix.””

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