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Kansas Truth Caucus Issues Statement on Gannon Ruling: It's Time for the People to Be Heard

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Truth Caucus, a coalition of principled conservative legislators in both chambers, issued the following statement:

"Yesterday, the Kansas Supreme Court again demonstrated their willingness to waive a gavel and dictate appropriation levels from the bench, ignoring the Legislature’s constitutional authority to appropriate funds. The absurdity of endless lawsuits funded by taxpayers, suing taxpayers, for more taxpayer money continues with no end in sight.

"For three of the last four sessions, the legislature has buckled under pressure, increasing spending by $750 million the last two years alone - and passing retroactive tax increases that have burdened Kansas families and businesses. As a result, Kansas has sadly escaped the economic boom that's engulfing the rest of the nation, being one of just four states to experience negative growth. All this has proven is that for many, there will never be enough money - and the people of Kansas can simply not afford yet another round of more spending and tax increases.

"We believe the people of Kansas deserve to have a voice as to how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent. The best way to do that is through a Constitutional Amendment that makes it clear the power of the purse - in all areas, including K-12 education - lies with the legislature.

The Kansas Truth Caucus looks forward to working with our colleagues to pass a Constitutional Amendment as quickly as possible."

#education #KansasSupremeCourt #taxes #economy

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