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Kelly Agenda: In Government We Trust

Kelly Agenda: In Government We Trust

Overspending, Increasing Dependency, and Expanding Government

The Kansas Truth Caucus, an organization of nearly 50 members of both the Kansas House and Senate, responded to Governor Laura Kelly's remarks in the State of the State, as well as the priorities she outlined in her budget released today.

"Elections have consequences - and the taxpayers of Kansas are about to be hit in the pocketbook. The new governor spent the bulk of her speech highlighting how she plans to spend Kansans' hard-earned money by increasing the size and scope of government," the Caucus noted, adding,"Yet, in the same speech, she felt compelled to lecture legislators, those with the power of the purse, about fiscal responsibility. Perhaps these contrary objectives are the result of the governor's realization that her number one policy objective, expanding the failed ObamaCare program, would decimate the state budget, just as it has done over and over again in the states who have taken that leap."

Senator Ty Masterson, Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus, noted the absence of a key promise from the campaign - a reduction in the sales tax on food.

"The reduction of the food sales tax for Kansas families represented a unique opportunity for Governor Kelly to work with conservatives, yet it was nowhere to be found in her remarks or her budget and has apparently taken a back seat to more spending and bigger government. The fact lowering the food sales tax is apparently such a low priority for the governor means that her campaign rhetoric was just that - rhetoric," said Masterson.

Rep. Jene Vickrey Vice Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus, said that while many Kansans agree with the need to address the issues Governor Kelly addressed, there must be a prioritization in the state budget.

"At a time when future spending is already beyond our means, we cannot afford the items the governor proposed without further burdening hard-working Kansas taxpayers. Critical topics like mental health and roads simply must be addressed, and that requires prioritization and a prudent approach to spending, which is absent from the governor's proposals," said Vickrey.

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