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Kansas Truth Caucus Responds to Governor's Medicaid Expansion Plan

The Kansas Truth Caucus issued the following statement regarding the governor releasing her plan for Medicaid Expansion:

"Over the last five days, Laura Kelly engaged in what appears to be a publicity stunt by naming a 'working group' that produced a plan which is the same big government approach we've seen before. Rather than removing regulations to allow more affordable health care options, the governor's plan adds 150,000 able-bodied Kansans onto the government health care system, expands government control of the health care industry, drives many Kansans off of private insurance, and increases dependency on government programs. There is also a likelihood that future federal funding levels drop below 90%, placing our state further at risk. We should be preserving resources to help those who Medicaid was intended for - our most vulnerable citizens."

Senator Ty Masterson, Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus, said, "Nancy Pelosi once said we have to pass this bill to know what's in it. In the same spirit, today Governor Kelly asked the Kansas legislature to pass sweeping Medicaid changes recommended by her working group. A working group formed for just five days, whose meetings were never open to the public and whose findings have never been shared."


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