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Kansas Truth Caucus: It’s Your Money

The Kansas Truth Caucus, an organization of legislators in the Kansas House and Senate, today announced its support of SB 22 to ensure the benefits from the federal tax cut in 2017 are returned to where they belong - Kansas taxpayers. In a vote of its membership, the Truth Caucus supported the measure, which must pass for Kansans not to receive a tax increase.

When the federal tax cuts were passed in 2017, they were intended to provide a direct benefit to families and small businesses across America. However, as a result of the Kansas tax code, some Kansans will face an automatic tax increase if the legislature does not act. As Kansans file their taxes over the coming weeks, it is important the Legislature pass these savings along to them without delay. SB 22 is retroactive to 2018, meaning Kansans filing tax returns would see the benefit.

Senator Ty Masterson, Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus, said that he hopes the Senate will act quickly to pass SB 22 by a wide margin and send it on to the House

“It’s important for taxpayers across Kansas to know we stand with them. Not acting is a tax increase, plain and simple, so this really should not be a partisan issue. Our message is simple – it’s your money, not ours.”

Rep. Jene Vickrey, Vice Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus, echoed those sentiments and said he looks forward to the House receiving the legislation.

"The tax cuts belong to the people, not politicians in Topeka. Now that Kansans will be filing their taxes, it’s important we act swiftly so they enjoy the full benefit of the federal tax reductions and don't receive an unwelcome tax hike.”

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