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Truth Caucus: Shocking Kansas Supreme Court Dismemberment Abortion Ruling Threatens All Pro-Life Laws in Kansas

April 26, 2019

The Kansas Truth Caucus, an organization of approximately 50 legislators in both the Kansas House and Senate, issued a statement in response to today’...

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March 19, 2019

The Kansas Truth Caucus issued statements of opposition to Jeffry Jack for the Kansas Court of Appeals in light of social media posts by Jack which include extreme leftist rhetoric and a hostility to constitutional rights such as the 2nd Amendment.


Senator Ty Masterson, Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus, said Jack’s history of inflammatory statements on social media that call into question is impartiality and fitness for the bench.


“We stand in strong opposition to the nomination of Jeffry Jack for the Kansas Court of Appeals. He has shown a lack of temperament and sharp partisan rhetoric in a long history of demagogic statements on social media that draw into serious question his ability to be serve as a judge, where fairness and a lack of partisan bias are essential qualities,” said Ty Masterson, Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus.


Rep. Jene Vickrey, Vice Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus, said the nomination proves why Senate confirmation is essential for appellate level judges, and questioned how Jack was even nominated in the first place.


“The fact that Mr. Jack even made it through even a basic vetting process is astonishing. This is why the Senate confirmation process is so essential – if Mr. Jack were a Kansas Supreme Court nominee, he’d already be on the bench. Many of us have been championing judicial selection reform for years - this is Exhibit A of why this reform is so necessary,” said Vickrey.


The Kansas Truth Caucus is an organization of around 50 legislators in the Kansas House and Senate. 

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