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Masterson: Kelly Should Follow District Court Ruling

Senator Ty Masterson, Chairman of the Kansas Truth Caucus, issued the following statement in response to Governor Kelly’s intention to enforce the now enjoined Executive Orders 20-18 and 20-25 which unconstitutionally target churches and religious functions.

"Governor Kelly's statement is outrageous and exposes her true intent in targeting churches and religious activities. As U.S. District Judge John Broomes points out in his opinion, 'religious activity was targeted for stricter treatment due to the nature of the activity involved, rather than because such gatherings pose unique health risks, or because the risks at religious gatherings uniquely cannot be adequately mitigated with safety protocols,' pointing out this is an 'arbitrary distinction' placed upon religious gatherings because it was done so 'without any apparent explanation for the differing treatment of religious gatherings.' This clear and concise language from Judge Broomes means the constitutionality of the governor’s orders are dubious at best.'"

“The governor’s action to double down and continue to enforce the unconstitutional targeting of religious activities goes against the rule of law and the oath she swore to uphold the Constitution. I urge the governor to immediately retract Executive Order 20-25 and end her targeting of people of faith for their constitutionally protected right to worship.”

#coronavirus #religiousfreedom #churches #KansasTruthCaucus

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