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Value Them Both Amendment Resource Center

The Value Them Both Amendment  was originally introduced in Kansas in the form of SCR 1602 and HCR 5003.

There are many great resources available on this important effort that demonstrate why it was so important Kansas adopt this legislation. We hope that this site will be a great resource for you, and we encourage you to share it with your friends.



SCR 1602

HCR 5003

Key Websites - From Family Policy Alliance  - from Kansans for Life


In January of 201, a press conference was held announcing the introduction of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Hodes & Nauser vs. Schmidt decision regarding abortion from May of 2019 that opened the floodgates to limitless abortion in Kansas.  The conference was led by a large coalition of women leaders and legislators dedicated to giving Kansans a say in whether they have a right to regulate the abortion industry in Kansas – regulations that protect both mothers and babies.

More about the “Value Them Both” effort to pass a Constitutional Amendment can be found here:  Here are some basic facts about the Value Them Both Amendment:

  • The Value Them Both Constitutional Amendment was introduced by a coalition of several pro-life organizations including the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, the Kansas Catholic Conference, Concerned Women for America of Kansas and Kansans for Life.

  • Value Them Both was crafted to restore to the people of Kansas, through their elected officials, the ability to halt what could soon be an unlimited abortion industry.  

  • Value Them Both lets the people regulate abortion through their elected officials.  It is not a ban.

  • Because of a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling, broadly supported regulations like late-term abortion and taxpayer funded abortion, parental notification requirements and clinic safety standards could be struck down. 

  • Unlimited and unregulated abortion hurt women and babies.  

  • Value Them Both respects laws already adopted by Kansans such as a ban on late-term dismemberment abortions and informed consent.  Every woman has a right to basic health and safety standards.


A History Lesson:

Just prior to the 2019 Veto Session, the Kansas Supreme Court issued a long-awaited ruling in the case involving a challenge to the law the Legislature enacted banning live dismemberment abortion. The case had been before the Supreme Court for two years as the lives of countless unborn children hung in the balance.

Unfortunately, the worst fears of Kansans were realized in the decision.

By a 6-1 vote, the Court invented an independent and distinct right to abortion under the Kansas Constitution, which was written in 1859. The consequences of the decision are dire as it threatens to undermine and overturn every pro-life law ever enacted in Kansas, including those which have been upheld by federal courts as it pertains to Roe v. Wade.


Immediately following the decision, the Kansas Truth Caucus issued a strong statement sharply criticizing the ruling and noting the dissent of Justice Caleb Stegall, which you can read by clicking here.



During the week of February 10th of 2020, the Senate Public Health & Welfare Committee heard compelling testimony on the previous version of the Value Them Both Amendment from several indicating that the Hodes Decision will lead to taxpayer-funded abortions unless the Value Them Both Amendment is adopted.  That testimony is linked below:


In January of 2021, the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Federal & State Affairs Committee both had hearings on the Value Them Both Amendment and testimony was again provided. Below are links to some of that testimony:



A number of informative articles have been written regarding the breadth of the decision and why it must be overturned.  Here is a sampling:

Impact of the Strict Scrutiny Standard of Judicial Review on Abortion Legislation Under the Kansas Supreme Court’s Decision in Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt - Elizabeth Kirk

KS Supreme Court rules state constitution guarantees abortion – MetroVoiceNews
Bleeding Kansas – Washington Examiner
Kansas Embraces Unplanned’s Most Grisly Procedures – CatholicVote
Kansas Supreme Court Issues Shocking Victory For Abortion Supporters – The Federalist
A brilliant and important critique of today’s Kansas Supreme Court decision that found a “right” to abortion in the state Constitution – National Right to Life News
Kansas: The Abortion State – Rod Dreher In the American Conservative


The Kansas Truth Caucus signaled in May of 2019 it was ready to support a Constitutional Amendment and is ready to do so now.


Senate:  SB 1602 was passed out

by the Judiciary Committee with a

favorable recommendation.

House: HCR 5003 was adopted by
the Kansas House by a vote of
86-38! It has been read in by the Kansas Senate and should receive

a vote soon!

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