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Welcome to the Kansas Truth Caucus Voting Records page.  You have likely found this page due to a link from one of our social media ads discussing the voting records of certain legislators in Topeka.  Due to the limited space on those ads, we wanted to provide a more detailed resource for you regarding the votes in question.

Below, you will see the topic and/or legislation, a brief description of that topic or legislation, and then where appropriate, a link to the voting record or other verification.

We hope this will be a resource for you. Thank you.

In 2017, the Kansas House and Senate adopted a $1.2 billion tax increase.  While many in the media focused on the aspect of the legislation that repealed the small business exemption (derided by some as the so-called "loophole"), they didn't focus on the fact that the legislation also increased individual rates, across the board, on all Kansans.  SB 30, which was the final bill:

- Complicated individual taxes, going from just two brackets to three.
- Increased rates on all brackets, including the lowest.  
- Increased rates retroactively, dating back to January 1, 2017.  

Earlier in the session, the Kansas Truth Caucus was part of an effort to balance the budget without raising taxes.  Rather than adopt that model or even something close to it, the legislators who voted for the bill went the other direction and adopted a record tax increase that impacted every working Kansan. They even chose to override then Governor Sam Brownback's veto.

The bill in question was SB 30.  the details of which you can find by clicking here.  You can read the roll call vote by clicking here.

In December of 2017, the United States Congress passed a tax cut package championed by President Donald Trump that included rate reductions and other tax reforms. Referred to commonly as the "Trump tax cuts", the reasons for these tax reductions was to stimulate economic growth and job creation, while also helping all Americans reduce their tax burden.

Due to changes in the federal tax code, the legislation would bring a windfall of revenue into the state. The proper thing to do, per the intent of the law, was to pass those savings along to everyday Kansans and Kansas businesses.

Instead of doing so, the Kansas Legislature, in the closing hours of the 2018 Legislative Session, opted to keep the money and spend it.  

The bill in question was S Sub for HB 2228, which you can learn about by clicking here.  You can see the roll call vote by clicking here.


Kansans are reeling under the strain of ObamaCare.  High premiums and high deductibles are causing financial pain on businesses and families, already stretched thin by the burdens of taxes and other expenses.  While efforts have been made to repeal this disastrous law, those efforts have fallen just short.

One aspect of ObamaCare was that it provided states the opportunity to expand Medicaid, a program designed for the truly needy, to cover able-bodied adults.  Despite countless examples and stories about why this would not be a wise move (see here, here, and here), certain interest groups and politicians in Topeka continue to advocate for expanding this piece of ObamaCare in Kansas.  As the articles referenced indicate, this would actually end up hurting those Medicaid is intended to help.

There have been various attempts to expand Medicaid in Kansas.  One attempt was HB 2044 in April of 2017, which you can read about by clicking here.  You can view the roll call vote by clicking here.


In 2018, the Kansas Truth Caucus joined with our allies in other organizations to support faith-based adoption agencies.  This session-long effort was very successful, and you can read about the details of it on our "Adoption Protection Act" page by clicking here.

You can read the details of the bill by clicking here.  You can see the Final Roll Call Vote by clicking here.

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