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My name is Stephen Owens and I am the Chair of the Kansas Truth Caucus. As the largest combined House/Senate caucus in the Kansas legislature, the Kansas Truth Caucus is dedicated to preserving and promoting the God-given rights of Kansans by limiting government spending and control, advocating for quality education and tax reform, and defending the unborn. Our efforts are driven by the Constitution, Natural Law, and the desire to improve the lives of Kansans across the board. 
We are the Kansas version of the Freedom Caucus in Congress. Under my leadership, we will be cohesive and strategic. KTC is unique because it combines conservative Senators and Representatives and facilitates communication that promotes a conservative agenda. When session gets busy, this communication allows us as a caucus to promote good policy in both chambers simultaneously. Because we value the well-being of Kansas citizens, we encourage you to become involved by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.
-Stephen Owens


Chair: Rep. Stephen Owens

Vice-Chair: Sen. Renee Erickson

Treasurer: Rep. Patrick Penn

Sen. Beverly Gossage

Rep. Susan Humphries

Sen. Mike Thompson

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